Wedding of  Akbar de Wighar and Chika Riznia

Akbar de Wighar and Chika Riznia

   Location Jakarta



15 June 2016

Akbar de Wighar married Chika Riznia


Akbar de Wighar also known as Berydw, and his girlfriend Chika Riznia block off June 15, 2015 for the wedding celebrations.


Story of Akbar de Wighar and Chika Riznia

Story of Akbar de Wighar and Chika Riznia.

Akbar de Wighar dated fashion designer Chika Riznia from early 2009. They lived together in Jakarta, it was a six-year relationship from mid-2009 to mid-2015. 

Chika Riznia and Akbar de Wighar met when they studied at Jakarta Institute of Artsand have been together ever since, and thereafter married on June 15, 2015. Which are taking place at lake deck.  


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